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SKREENEO provides
SAFE Smart Screens
and Innovative Digital Solutions

We provide innovative digital signage hardware, software, and technology solutions that prevent and mitigate the spread of infectious diseases.

Our creative, innovative and interactive technology engages customers, digitizes processes and is sure to take your business to the next level.


The 1st touch screen kiosk combining
safety and interaction

Smart Safe Station , the first touchscreen kiosk to launch combining both interaction and safety through occupancy sensors, facial recognition and automatic hand sanitizer distribution.

Smart Safe Station allows you to design innovative and interactive customer experiences for your specific business. You can also customize and display real-time information at your fingertips.

Mask Detection & Real-time People Counting

A 3D camera checks to ensure that each person is wearing a mask. It also counts the number of people in a specific space at a specific time.

QR Code - RFID Readers

QR Code and RFID players maximize interaction with the terminal.

Disinfectant Control

The LED light turns to red whenever the disinfectant level becomes low. It automatically sends a signal to refill.

Touchscreen & Antimicrobial Protection

The terminal is equipped with a 24'' touch screen protected by a bacteriostatic film.

Customized Content

Our powerful Content Management System (CMS) allows you to design interactve customer experiences to boost your business.

Contactless Distributor

A sensor detects your hand and distributes a dose of disinfectant lotion without any direct contact.

SoClean™: Antibacterial and virucidal patented film Developed for touchscreen technologies

Thin, clear and transparent, our antibacterial film is specifically designed for touchscreen reactivity and fluidity

SoClean™ treatment is composed of silver ions acting as a barrier to bacteria.

When the ions come into contact with bacteria, they prevent them from growing and multiplying, leading to their total destruction.

Active silver ions are added to SoClean ™ treatment during manufacturing

Active silver ions are added to SoClean treatment during manufacturing

Our Safety Line Products     



Full HD 1080P

10 Touch points

21,5" to 65"


QR Code Reader

NFC Reader


Payement (TPE/TPA)

A Full Lineup of Digital Safety Products

Designed to Address Your Industry Specific Needs

Shopping Centers


Public Facilities





Healthcare Center

Tourism & Leisure


Intuitive, Powerful & Robust Digital Signage Software

Our cloud based digital signage platform is easy to use and can scale to fit your needs


• Kiosk
• Tablet
• Web


• Kiosk
• Click & Collect
• Web App


• Order
• Preparation


• Checkout
• Bill Split


• Backoffice
• Data Analysis
• Loyalty Programs

Our solutions can be a GAME CHANGER for your business

Key Benefits







Our Latest Innovations


SoClean™ Exclusivity

Permanent Antibacterial Treatment

QR Code

Check, Order & Checkout

Click & Collect

Keep Safe

Wow your guests

Offering Them State Of The Art Hotel Services

We help you make your guests stay safe and comfortable with DOMOTECH in the rooms and common areas
No need for costly renovation and heavy investments

Hotel owners can increase revenues per room, streamline their operations and launch green initiatives

They can provide their guests with greater convenience in a safe environment